flux capacitor update

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Heres some audio examples of the Flux Capacitor controlling the ANTI MATTER SINE and ANTMATTER TRI of an original AFG (limited edition black PCB)

The ANTI MATTER feature in the AFG is an internal wavefolder. What makes this process different than using an external wavefolder module is: the folding is applied the sawtooth core before going to the individual waveshapers (vs. feeding a TRI or SIN into the module for folding).

The patch (pic above) used Malekko Heavy Industry Oscillator into the CV1 input for audio rate FM to the folding range. The 1vOct inputs of the AFG and the Malekko Oscillator were fed a repeating sequence.

The Pittsburgh Modular Timetable was used to subdivide an incoming trigger and fed to the Flux TRIG input. This hits the FLUX CAPACITORS on board AR (A is fixed value, R is adjustable via the FALL control).

EXAMPLE 1 and 2: INITIAL control manually sweeping the folders range. The high end “sizzle” heard at 00:16 is the FM oscillation from the Malekko Oscillator. The sweep of that FM Oscillation is the by product of mixing with the CV from the onboard AR (triggered from the subdivided output of the PGH mod Timetable):

PLE 3: Same as EX1 and EX2 with MORE AR:

EXAMPLE 4: Same as EX1, EX2 and EX3 with added VCA+EG after the AFG SIN/TRI output and 11+ minutes of knob tweaking.

EXAMPLE 5: Same patch with a Frequensteiner in HP between the AFG and VCA (cutoff adjusted manually):

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