the new (old) DAW pt 1

so I’m working on this remix…

This isn’t my day job. Saying this isn’t my dayjob is to establish the “givens”about how much attention hasn’t been spent on keeping all the tools running optimum. I’ve been running into performance issues for years and the solution has always been a spot fix to finish something with a promise to take care of things later.

Then came the demise of my Macbook Pro.

At that point I questioned whether or not I should replace it. One of the reasons for not replacing it was to break the connectivity leash and continue the productive liberation that followed. This eventually led to a moratorium on any new computer computer purchases.

(note: I’m already operating under “no new music gear” moratorium. trades excluded)


I haven’t really finished anything in almost 10 years.

The freedom / options / zero limitations that comes with using software like Ableton Live (paired down from a list that included Reason, Reaper, Logic and Pro Tools) and all the accessorizing plugins is probably the last thing I needed.

On a previous tangent rooted in dealing with the guilt of walking away from projects, currently in progress, because I couldn’t finish them “today” – because it’s not my day job – I decided that I longed for the old days, when “all I had was X” and got things done. Even though I may have remembered those days a little better than they really were – I was able to settle on one piece of software and even shorten the list of plugins.

So I’m working on this remix…

I’m through enough of the trip to have an idea of how this thing will end and actually claim something “finished”, but the grime of performance issues begins to build, taking the gloss off of the finish. The moment where creativity makes everything in the world vanish, except for the idea, the sound and the vibe is fading. I’m back to staring at waveforms and driving a track pad again.

I have four weeks to go on a project that’s almost done.

I’m going for a little more than a spot fix. I’m gonna try a new workflow on an old axe.

(wow – I just did the math to be able to make the next statement)

This will be a 12 year backward leap.
I’ve got one week to see what happens.

If you’re listening – I’ll keep you posted.

(edit: despite my personal math, I’ve discovered that my new DAW is actually a 14 year backward leap more on this in future posts)

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