09242k11 by rtopia

 BPM = 121.39

Dusted off my circuit bent alesis sr16 – multed audio out.
Ran audio through Livewire Dalek Modulator.
Used audio to trigger the clock in of the Makenoise Brains and gate in of Malekko Envelator.
Envelator out controls VCA.
Rows of the Pressure Points/Brains control pitch for Piston Honda, Carrier Pitch of Dalek.
Edited the shit out of the recorded audio in Ableton Live.

 kick drum and blip = Metasonix R54

 I owe this piece to Chris Randall – all his tweeting about the Tempest led me to digging through my “old gear” box: http://www.analogindustries.com/blog/entry.php?blogid=1317052984282

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