amero update 02252008

still recording, still mixing, still remixing….

rediscovered my love for bass playing (it’s a guilty pleasure).

launched a new website for my recorded music catalog:

steverightnour dot com

you may notice that there’s more than one title up there. the fact is that I’m currently building 3 different projects at the same time.

I’ve resolved myself to stop fighting the different directions I seem to go in each day and just put down whatever I’m in the mood for.

by the end of the week I sort everything and drop it into one of 4 places (fourth being the nothing folder)

amero: ambient
30944: rhythm heavy
desert diner 3am: guitar instrumentals

I’ve also posted a repackaged version of: “I like the operative p1”

Instead of a single file, it’s been broken down into separate tracks that will play “skipless”

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