amero update 02252008

still recording, still mixing, still remixing….

rediscovered my love for bass playing (it’s a guilty pleasure).

launched a new website for my recorded music catalog:

steverightnour dot com

you may notice that there’s more than one title up there. the fact is that I’m currently building 3 different projects at the same time.

I’ve resolved myself to stop fighting the different directions I seem to go in each day and just put down whatever I’m in the mood for.

by the end of the week I sort everything and drop it into one of 4 places (fourth being the nothing folder)

amero: ambient
30944: rhythm heavy
desert diner 3am: guitar instrumentals

I’ve also posted a repackaged version of: “I like the operative p1”

Instead of a single file, it’s been broken down into separate tracks that will play “skipless”

“amero” start journal

my next “collection of songs” (are we going to call them albums anymore?) is going to be called: “amero”

without getting into what the titles all about – this group of tracks will be an an exercise in making a broad range of textures with a limited amount of source.

the project began unofficially on the weekend of Nov 8 after finishing “resurrection on a rust belt”.

since then, I’ve been working on pieces with nothing but my ARP Odyssey and guitar as sources.

From these sources I manipulate the results in Ableton Live with editing, plugins, and the Impulse and Sampler instruments.